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Food Drop Off
Do you have extra food in your pantry? Did you purchase additional food when you went to the grocery store? Food can be dropped off throughout the week. Please contact Jim at 480.258.4155 to schedule a time.

Most Needed Items
~Protein Items (Peanut Butter, Beans, Tuna, Chili)
~Soup (Non-Condensed)
~Pasta and Rice
~Canned Fruit

Hosting a Food Drive
Over 50% of all of the food that is handed out at Rio Vista Center is received from food drives in local churches, schools, and other organizations.  Hosting a food drive is easy! 

Step 1: Choose a Format

  • One Day Food Drive
  • Holiday Food Drive
  • Competition Food Drive
  • Single Item Food Drive

Step 2: Coordinate Dates
Please contact Aaron Norwood to have your food drive put on the calendar. . 

Step 3: Printed Material and Collection

We can provide printed materials and collection containers to make your food drive as successful as possible. If you would like printed materials and collection containers please contact us 4-6 weeks prior to your desired food drive date. Contact us to make arrangements.

Step 4: Drop Off

Due to cost of fuel and our small staff we ask you to drop the food off at our location at 1431 E. Southern Avenue in South Phoenix.  We have enclosed trailers available for use in drop off. 

If pickup is needed please schedule this with us and we will do our best to accommodate your desired pickup date.


Facts About Hunger Donate to Rio Vista Give Grub | Donate Food
Of those receiving Emergency Food in Arizona:

48% are children under age of 18.

49% of the households reported having someone in the household who was employed.

75% of the households had an income below the Federal Poverty Guideline.

50% of the people within the past year had to choose between buying food and paying utilities.

Rio Vista Center is always accepting food and clothing donations.


Call 480.258.4155
Or E-Mail Jim about Donations

Learn more about how to donate to Rio Vista Center:

> Learn More about Donating Today!

Please contact Aaron Norwood if you are interested in hosting a food drive for your business, church, organization, or school.

You can donate online to purchase food or mail the donation to Rio Vista Center.

Follow us on Twitter and find out how you can participate in Food Drives throughout the Valley!

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