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Human Services Center - Heatlth-e-Arizona

A critical foundation for building stable families in our neighborhoods is the certainty they can purchase food, have healthcare coverage and are connected to potential cash benefits.  The Health-e-Arizona online application for Food Stamps, medical assistance and cash assistance is available at the Rio Vista through a bank of online computers and trained volunteer assistants.  

Economic troubles in Arizona have resulted in dramatic increases in the number of our community members seeking help at DES offices.  Increased wait times and decreased staffing in DES offices may slow down the process.  We know, too, that some people are uncomfortable applying for benefits or asking for help in crowded offices.  As the economic crisis continues more people may go without supportive benefits that could sustain them until they find a job or a job.  

Do you need help applying? 

Our team of volunteers are willing and able to assist you in the application process and eliminate the need to go to your local DES office.  The Human Services Center is open Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 – 12 and Thursday from 9 - 4. 

This service is available thanks to our partnership with the Department of Economic Security and the Neighborhood Roots System. 

You can apply online at


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Of those receiving Emergency Food in Arizona:

48% are children under age of 18.

49% of the households reported having someone in the household who was employed.

75% of the households had an income below the Federal Poverty Guideline.

50% of the people within the past year had to choose between buying food and paying utilities.

Rio Vista Center is always accepting food and clothing donations.


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Please contact Aaron Norwood if you are interested in hosting a food drive for your business, church, organization, or school.

You can donate online to purchase food or mail the donation to Rio Vista Center.

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