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$10 A Month Campaign

The $10 A Month campaign is a challenge to have 250 individuals or families pledge to support families in search of a helping hand in 2012. Donating is simple. The pledge is $10.00 monthly. The commitment is one year. Donate online by setting up a reoccurring transaction using a checking account or credit card. You can also send support by mail. Be a part of the movement to end poverty in South Phoenix. Donate $10 today!

Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit


Current Arizona tax code allows for charitable donations of up to $400 per married taxpayers filing jointly and up to $200 per taxpayer filling as single to be redirected to a qualifying charity and returned to the taxpayer not as a deduction but as a credit! 

Taxpayers filing in Arizona have the unique opportunity to actually redirect a portion of the state tax dollars they already pay into charitable channels at no additional financial cost to themselves! Rio Vista Center is a qualified charitable organization under the state charitable tax credit program. Click here to see the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit certification.

The credit allowed for married taxpayers is $400
The credit allowed for single taxpayers is $200

Please consider making a donation to Rio Vista Center. Feel free to contact Aaron Norwood at 480.510.1353 with any questions you may have regarding donating. Every year we rely on the donations of individuals to make up the majority of our giving. You can donate online or mail your payment to:

Rio Vista Center
1431 E. Southern Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Rio Vista Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization making donations eligible for appropriate tax deductions on state and federal taxes. For more information and tax forms see the Arizona Department of Revenue Web site or call (602) 255-3381. The Rio Vista Center does not offer legal or tax advice. Always check with a qualified and licensed professional regarding all matters related to tax or legal issues. Information can be found at the Arizona Department of Revenue website under Refunds & Credits or by calling Tax Payer Assistance 
at (602) 255-3381

General Donations

Food and Clothing Donations

The center is always taking food and clothing donations.  Items of greatest need are men and children's clothing.  Food that is of greatest need is canned fruits and vegetables, chunky pop-top soups, and cereal. Have you considered hosting a food drive with your organization or church? We would love to help set up one today. 

Household Items

We currently do not have storage for other items other than food or clothing.  We do however know families that are in need of these items.  If you could contact us when other items arise we can let you know if we have a family in need of them. 



Facts About Hunger Donate to Rio Vista Give Grub | Donate Food
Of those receiving Emergency Food in Arizona:

48% are children under age of 18.

49% of the households reported having someone in the household who was employed.

75% of the households had an income below the Federal Poverty Guideline.

50% of the people within the past year had to choose between buying food and paying utilities.

Rio Vista Center is always accepting food and clothing donations.


Call 480.258.4155
Or E-Mail Jim about Donations

Learn more about how to donate to Rio Vista Center:

> Learn More about Donating Today!

Please contact RIO VISTA CENTER if you are interested in hosting a food drive for your business, church, organization, or school.

You can donate online to purchase food or mail the donation to Rio Vista Center.

Follow us on Twitter and find out how you can participate in Food Drives throughout the Valley!

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